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For Global Diaspora Week, Homestrings and its partners Azimo and DMA are looking at how technology is innovating and bringing the diaspora closer to home. Leading experts who are pioneering ways to strengthen the links despite the distance from family and friends back home will come together in this exciting webinar. 

Why attend? 
- Gain insights on some of the latest trends in technology for the diaspora

- Find out what some local companies are doing "on the ground" to improve access

- Understand the impact that future tech will have to bridge people closer 

- Explore the challenging misconceptions of today's migrants/diaspora

- Investigate the technology challenges and opportunities in reaching the fragmented market


Webinar Panelists: 

- Dov Bar-Gera, Co-founder and CEO of YooMee Africa - a closer of the digital divide by providing high-speed 4G/LTE internet to the people and business of Sub-Saharan Africa. 

- Michael Kent, Founder & CEO and Dora Ziambra, Head of Business Development at Azimo - one of the leading online money transfer services that is changing the way people send money around the world

- Eric Guichard, Founder & CEO of Homestrings - the online investment platform that enables the diaspora to invest projects they care about back home. 

-Leon Isaacs, CEO and Ashely Groom, FinTech Consultant of Developing Markets Associates a leading consultancy focused on "helping money flow into the world's leading emerging economies"

About HomeStrings Event

Homestrings Events is a platform for business, offering all our partners an ideal framework for considering their investments from a strategic perspective within the Diaspora. Through country focused events, we provide strategic business intelligence for the African, Asian and South American regions. Homestrings Events brings together a diverse set of like-minded institutional and individual investors, committed to investing in sustainable development projects in fast-growing and dynamic economies.

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