INSEAD Knowledge network: Investing in Africa by YooMee

Young workforce

Above all, however, Africa’s most appealing feature for many investors is its youthful population, with all the growth that this implies for sales of consumer products and services.

With “more than 50 percent of the population under the age of 18,” says Anat Bar-Gera (MBA ‘87D) chair of high-speed broadband provider YooMee Africa, which operates in Cameroon and plans to expand into other countries soon, “Africa has a fantastic demography.” Africa’s young generation, she says, are “the natural up-takers” of the services her company provides.
Over the next few decades, says Rigouzzo, Africa can look forward to a “demographic dividend” in growth similar to that enjoyed by China and India in recent years. “Even with all its problems,” he asserts, “I am absolutely confident that the continent in 20 years will be the next growth frontier of the planet.

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