YooMee becomes a member of the CTO - Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization

London, January 2012: YooMee Africa has been admitted to the CTO as a Sector member. The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) is an international development partnership between the Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth governments, business and civil society organisations. It provides the international community with effective means to help bridge the digital divide and achieve social and economic development, by delivering to developing countries unique knowledge-sharing programmes in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the specific areas of Telecommunications, IT, Broadcasting and the Internet.


The CTO amended its constitution, in order to broaden the scope and scale of its activities and to work with a wider range of telecommunications businesses and international agencies. With this amendment a new category of membership named “Sector membership” was made available to those organizations that have an ICT focus in its mandate.


For more details click here:  http://www.cto.int/Default.aspx?tabid=102

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