Microsoft and YooMee Africa partner in Cameroon to promote Windows Live

YooMee Africa, through its subsidiary company YooMee Cameroon - Cameroon’s first high speed wireless internet network provider - announced it is providing the latest generation of Microsoft Windows Live to its customers in Cameroon.

YooMee Africa AG, through its subsidiary YooMee Cameroon, announced it is now offering its customers in Cameroon a new free of charge service called YooMee Live®. YooMee Live is an integrated set of online services that makes it easier and more fun for customers to communicate and share media with the people they care about most. YooMee Live is based on the latest generation of Windows Live and includes updated experiences for photo sharing, email, instant messaging, as well as integration with multiple third-party sites.
YooMee Africa is committed to providing world-class integrated information services to its customers. YooMee Live is part of a strategic endeavor between YooMee Africa and Microsoft Corp providing a co-branded version of Windows Live services to its Cameroonian subscribers on PCs, notebooks, tablet computers and mobile devices.
As part of the new platform, YooMee Africa is proud to introduce a best in class and globally accessible email service with a Cameroonian domain name of Under the brand name YooMee®, broadband subscribers in Cameroon enjoy, among other features, a YooMee Live email account that includes their name and ends with
“We are proud of the strategic relationship between Microsoft and YooMee Africa”, stated Dov Bar-Gera, CEO and co-founder of YooMee Africa. “Providing innovative web applications for our customers is at the center of our corporate strategy, enabling our subscribers to have access to a state-of-the-art communications platform. Offering integrated Windows Live services under the YooMee brand is the first step towards accomplishing this strategy.”
YooMee Africa offers a variety of services using either a mobile USB key or a new stationary desktop device. All devices can be purchased through authorized YooMee dealers.
The download speed of YooMee wireless internet is unusually high for Cameroon - 640 kbit/s compared to market offerings of 256 kbit/s or lower.
“We are very pleased to present YooMee Live to our customers and see that our dream of connecting Cameroonians to the Internet is living and growing”, commented Stephane Abrahams, YooMee Cameroon General Manager. “YooMee is not just about high technology it is about changing and improving our lives, the way we work, shop, learn, communicate, and meet people.”
As a serious broadband service provider bearing its brand essence as innovative, unconventional and a challenger, YooMee Africa aims to bring the public in sub-Saharan Africa a rich internet experience at exceptional value.
About YooMee Africa AG

YooMee Africa’s mission is to provide affordable, reliable and state-of-the-art internet access, voice communication and multi-media services to all people and businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company is committed to closing the digital divide. YooMee Africa offers broadband wireless network services based on globally standardized YooMee technology, designed for both the residential and Small-to-Medium size enterprise (SME) markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. The first wireless broadband service of YooMee Africa was launched in Cameroon under the brand name YooMee®.

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