YooMee presents at UBS sub-Saharan Africa Conferene

Anat bar gera UBS 2011
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UBS sub-Saharan Africa Conferene: Myths and realities of investing

in sub-Saharan Africa


The African continent, and sub-Saharan Africa in particular, has attracted growing investor interest as a result of increasing demand for the continent’s vast natural resources, including commodities and farm land. Sub-Saharan Africa today is benefitting from falling telecommunications costs and new infrastructure. China and India have become major investors.


What are the prospects for growth in this region of 1 billion people? How can foreign investors participate in these opportunities? What are the major risks when investing in sub-Saharan Africa?


This first UBS sub-Saharan Africa conference, was to learn about the ’s key growth sectors and the opportunities and challenges of doing business and investing here.


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