The newest broadband wireless internet provider in Cameroon

4G Cameroon, registered as  HTT Telecom, the local subsidiary of 4G Africa AG,  is launching its operation in Cameroon under the brand name  “YooMee" ( The launch takes place only 12 months after it won the necessary permissions and licenses to operate a broadband wireless internet access network from ART (Agence de Régulation des Télécommunications du Cameroun).  

The wireless network covers Douala and is  fully operational. Yaoundé will be covered and operational during the summer of 2011.  

The mission of YooMee is to provide affordable, reliable and state-of-the-art internet access services in Cameroon. YooMee services are designed to serve the mass market -  residential  and small and medium size enterprise , as well as governmental entities. The product range includes various types of wireless broadband internet access. In the near future it will be expanded to also  include   value added services.  

Mr. Dov Bar-Gera, the CEO of 4G Africa said: “Today, we have the pleasure of sharing  with you the launch of our services. This is thanks to the vision of  ART  in issuing   the required authorizations, licenses and frequencies.”

The company offers a variety of services for the consumer market using  either a mobile internet USB key, or a stationary desktop device. The service offering starts with CFA 1’000 for 90 minutes  per month  and up to an unlimited monthly subscription for CFA 35’000.

The typical download speed is unusually  high - 640 kbit/s

There is a YooMee service for companies, using desktop YooMee modem, with a speed of up to 1 Mbit/s,  for customers requiring very large download volumes. All devices can be bought through authorized dealers in Douala.

YooMee’s services are based on the fourth generation (4G) mobile broadband technology. The company started by using mobile Wimax (16E) technology, which can be upgraded in the future to LTE.  

As announced by the   company  last week,    the reputable  technology publisher  “RED HERRING” nominated 4G Africa to be among the most promising 100 technology companies of Europe in the future. As Africa is still not on the map of RED HERRING, the African operations of YooMee are included in the European sector.

The CEO of 4G Africa, Dov Bar-Gera added: “I am  very proud of this honorable award. YooMee’s operation in Cameroon and the team in Douala contributed significantly to this achievement.”

About 4G Africa AG 4G

Africa was founded in 2009 by a team of entrepreneurs who were actively involved in Telecommunications  in emerging countries for the last decade. The team includes the founders of the only cross border, wireless  broadband operator in Europe, which deployed over 200 base stations in Austria, Slovakia and Croatia, and acquired several thousands of customers. Under the leadership of this team, this company obtained twice the “Best of Wimax World Awards” (2006 and 2007) and was a finalist of the Wireless Broadband Innovation Awards

Current Activities of YooMee

The  company’s  main office is in Douala, in the center of the city. As of today, the company employs  directly and indirectly about 50 people in Cameroon. In the coming 24 months, the team will continue in its  growth.

Closing the Digital Divide 

According to research conducted by the World Bank, every 10% increase in Broadband penetration results in 1.38% additional GDP growth in developing countries. 4G Africa is committed to closing the digital divide and supporting the economical development by providing an immediately available, speedy and stable Broadband Internet connection.

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