YooMee® deploys first Wi-Fi network at the University of Douala

YooMee® deploys first Wi-Fi network at the University of Douala

The University of Douala and YooMee, a high speed wireless internet network provider in Cameroon and a member of the 4G Africa Group, announced their partnership to deploy a Wi-Fi internet network across the campus, making the University of Douala the first Cameroonian institution to provide full wireless internet access to all staff and students.



Douala, Cameroon The University of Douala and YooMee, a high speed wireless broadband internet provider, announced today, October 24th 2012, their partnership to deploy and maintain the first university-wide Wi-Fi network in Cameroon. The joint venture enables the three main components of the university community – tens of thousands of students, teachers, and administrative staff – to have full access to high speed wireless broadband throughout the University of Douala campuses.


The YooMee Wi-Fi system will provide all members of the university community with the possibility to access the internet from any computer or Wi-Fi enabled device all day, every day. Students, teachers and administrative staff will have instant access to internet resources, email, online learning and resource platforms, and many more tools and applications.


The YooMee high speed wireless network at the University of Douala can simultaneously connect thousands of students across all eleven schools of higher education and the various specialized centers on campus. Among the immediate benefits for the University and its students are the possibilities to access to University own content, communication between the administration and the students enabling online registration, publication of examination results and many others features and services.


This partnership between YooMee and the University of Douala has several objectives whereby the main goal is to provide the academic institutions with the most efficient telecommunications infrastructure, facilitating its entry into the digital world, integrating the University in the global digital community.


Speaking during the signature event of their the partnership agreement, Professor Dieudonné Oyono, Rector of the University of Douala, said: “Our students are now connected 24/7 on campus. We are aware that YooMee offers the best access to rich and varied internet content. From this point of view our students are proud that we have chosen YooMee. Our eleven institutions will join the digital age.” When asked to comment on the University’s use of technology, Professor Oyono added, “This partnership is fully in line with the new policy that we are now implementing concerning the adoption of a multitude of technologies from Information and Communication Technologies. This step is important to our efforts to place our institute at the forefront of those adopting digital technology in Cameroon.”


According to Stephane Abrahams, Managing Director of YooMee, “YooMee is once again proud to present our efforts to focus on innovation and the support of the academic community in their studies, teaching and research. This wireless network will allow students on campus to stay connected to people, knowledge and especially to be a part of the digital world.”


About YooMee

YooMee is a provider of high-speed wireless internet access, which provides fixed and mobile broadband access using the latest telecommunications technology in Cameroon. YooMee is part of 4G Africa Ltd. Switzerland.


The YooMee mission is to provide affordable, reliable internet access to everyone in our coverage area.


For YooMee media enquiries, please contact:


About The University of Douala

The University of Douala, along with its six (6) sister institutes of the State of Cameroon, was created and organized by Presidential Decree No. 93/030 on January 19, 1993.

The University inherited the structures of the previously established University Centre, composed of the School of Economic and Commercial Sciences (ESSEC-1977) and the Ecole Normale Technical Education (ENSET-1979). On April 13, 1992, the schools combined to form the University of Douala following Decree No. 92/74 on the transformation of academic centers in universities.


Today, the University of Douala is the largest State university in Cameroon with approximately 50’000 students, nearly one thousand teachers and a similar number of administrative and support staff for the academic year 2012/2013. The University encompasses eleven institutions as well as various specialized structures such as the Internet Academy.


For further information on the University of Douala please contact the Information Service and the General Secretariat.

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